Sound as a Weapon

A Sound Isn’t Good or Bad, Depends on the Person Who Uses It

Steampunk guns, Etsy

Steampunk guns, Etsy

Humans mainly use sound as a form of communication, but we've also established another use for it throughout history…Weapons. Think war drums, and chants, and blood curdling screams. All were used to cause your enemy to pause and perhaps reconsider the intelligence of their actions.

Sound as a deterrent is hardly a new development but the technology has definitely grown in the last couple of years, it won’t be long before that hand held sonic ray-gun replaces mace and tasers as the self defense weapon of choice.

Nazi Sound Cannon, Hubpages

Vladimir Gavreau, Wordpress

Vladimir Gavreau, Wordpress

Check out the first part of this Article by Simon Crab for a little insight into what happens to your body at different frequencies. Sound can affect your brainwaves, which leads to horrible experiences.

With that in mind Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) are popping up all over the world as a “safer” means of controlling  and dispersing crowds. Even airports use them to keep animals clear of the runways.

Here is an in-depth look at what one such LRAD company has to offer:

It's a growing business with long range application possibilities. For good or ill,'s the new frontier.

Thumbnail Photo by: U.S Department of Defense, Flickr

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